The Awakening

Clearmind's Introductory Workshop

The Awakening is a life altering invitation to a deeper, richer experience of self, through the transformative power of authentic, vulnerable connection.

This creative, empowering, process oriented weekend, reveals that happiness is a by-product rather than a goal. The experience of connection transcends happiness, encompassing the whole spectrum of human experience, and beyond that to our spiritual existence.

We are suffering in isolation. We don’t know how to connect, and the ways we go about attempting to do so often contribute to the problem. The lack of authentic connection explains and contributes more to our personal malaise, work issues, high divorce rates, mental illness, and physical sickness than any other factor. There is now an abundance of well-constructed, long term research that shows unequivocally that human beings are happier, healthier and live longer when we have strong relationships. We are at our best when we are living a connected life.

Drawing on the philosophy of A Course in Miracles and relational/systemic psychologies, the Awakening reveals how the strategies we employ in our search for satisfaction in life are the problem not the solution. Practical tools are taught, including the skills of emotional responsibility, and the 4 step ‘getting real’ process to correct the self-limiting beliefs and feelings that are at the root of our relationship dilemmas. This workshop is about you and for you. You are here to be yourself, to be authentic, loving, vulnerable, brave and honest. Your real life, which requires your real self to participate in it, will be and is far more rewarding, expansive, and amazing than anything you could manufacture strategically.