Student Support

At Clearmind International, we support students like no one’s business. Whether it’s academic or emotional support, we have your back. We make a lot of online and face-to-face resources and support services available to ensure student success and well-being. 

All classes have Instructors, Shadow Instructors, and class assistants who are there to support you. Our first year students have 2nd and 3rd year counselling students that are available as volunteer mentors.

We also provide other support services:

Client Services

olivia nelsonOlivia Nelson RTC, BA
Our Client Services Director-Practitioner Training will be happy to assist you on your questions prior to the start of the PRAC Program. Please email or call Olivia Nelson. She is waiting to answer any questions you might have and is a wealth of information. Please click on the button below to email Olivia Nelson or call her at (604) 513-9001 (ext. 1)


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