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Our Practitioners Training (PRAC) counsellor training program is suitable for working adults wishing to pursue a career in individual counselling or group counselling. The program has been delivered on campus in Vancouver, Canada since 1991 and online since 2011. Clearmind International Institute Inc. (#3151) is designated by the Private Training Institutions Branch and has an Education Quality Assurance designation for Advanced Educational institutions with the provincial government.

Choosing a school is not always easy so we’ve included answers to the most important questions you should ask in order to be an informed student.



Be a transformational agent in your own life and in the lives of others. Our therapeutic counselling training program is called Practitioners Training (PRAC) and provides you with the knowledge, skills and ability to be an effective therapeutic counsellor for individuals and groups.

Our Transpersonal Psychology program gives you an experience of the emotional territory that you would have your future clients experience by using your life as the curriculum in the first year. Many schools do not use this framework.

In addition to teaching mainstream psychology, we have integrated spiritual and metaphysical perspectives to fully understand the dimensions and the potential of the human condition. Students grow on a personal level and increase self-awareness while learning academically.

Upon completion of Clearmind’s requirements, students qualify to apply for registration in Canada and the United Kingdom (including Ireland). In Canada, graduates can apply with the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists (ACCT) or the Canadian Professional Counsellor’s Association (CPCA) as ‘Registered Professional or Therapeutic Counsellors’ and will receive a Diploma in ’Transpersonal Counselling Psychology’. UK graduates can apply to the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP).

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We understand that this is a big decision to make…either on becoming a counsellor in general or choosing Clearmind International in particular. Please check out the information we have provided so that we can start your process smoothly and make your decision easier.

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Application Process

We are now accepting applications for the upcoming year.
If you are ready to apply, please know you MUST read through the School Policy Package prior to completing and sending your Application.

Practitioners Training (PRAC) Query

olivia nelsonOlivia Nelson RTC, BA
If you have questions or want to speak with our Client Services Director who handles PRAC applications, please click on the button below to email Olivia Nelson or call her at (604) 513-9001 (ext. 1). She is waiting to answer any questions you might have and is a wealth of information.

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