About Us

Clearmind is an international company with headquarters in Langley, near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Clearmind International delivers:

  • Speaker Series Events (live and online). Check out our next event on the right side bar →
  • Foundational Workshops (for people who are experiencing areas of stuckness).
  • Advanced & Premiere Workshops - Our subsequent workshops focus on themes of primary love relationship, men’s/women’s issues, and addictions and attachments, all using the same experiential approach with different templates. There are also longer international leadership training programs which offer an exciting opportunity to discover yourself in the company of others from around the world.
  • Specialty Workshops - We have several workshops that are unique and stand-alone (i.e. creativity enlightenment, and training to be assistants at our workshops).
  • A part-time three year Counsellor Training Program.
  • Organizational Training and Leadership Development Programs.
  • A 1,2 or 3 year Personal Development School.

The Clearmind Experience

The Clearmind ExperiencePioneer a path through personal struggle. Facilitate therapeutic groups. Lead work teams with authenticity and soul. Develop a creative community event. Connect with the family you never knew you had. Share your unique special purpose. Develop conscious relationships. Understand emotional responsibility. Experience an awakening.

These are some of the opportunities available to Clearmind participants and students that make it such a dynamic educational experience.

The Culture

The CultureNow in its third decade, Clearmind Institute has been attracting students and faculty who are interested in deepening their connections and evolving their relationships with their self, important relationships at home and work, and their respective communities.

Clearmind’s campus and online culture reflects the core of the first year class: your life is the curriculum. It is grounded in a unique blend of emotional responsibility and loving out loud in a psycho-spiritual or transpersonal framework. This responsible love extends to the larger community and planet, where Clearmind students contribute their unique purpose with authenticity.

The Clearmind International community is made up of consciously connecting people from all walks of life who have chosen to aspire to lives of honesty and integrity. As such, it is also a social and supportive network of different but like-minded individuals working towards positive change in their lives and others.

The Focus

Clearmind International Institute Inc. offers innovative experiential, educational psycho-therapeutic programs using an experiential spiritual/transpersonal framework. We help people reframe personal struggles and difficult emotions that lead to discover new meaning and choices.

The Vision

Our Vision

Clearmind is an inspirational heart-centred community that stands for evolution through relationship. We support each individual to actualize their unique life purpose and live in a state of interdependence.

Our Mission

Love out loud.

Our Guiding Principles

Emotional Responsibility.

The Vision

The Learning Model

The Learning ModelOur therapeutic model is cohesive, powerful and unique in the personal and professional development field. We deliver a three year Counsellor Training Program (Practitioners Training 1, 2, 3). This also doubles as a personal development school because we found that the qualities and skills that make effective, responsible counsellors are also the same qualities that make effective, responsible human beings.

The format for our Practitioner Training Program (PRAC) is ‘physician heal thyself’, and thus we focus on your life as the curriculum, applying principles to self before applying them to others.

In addition to the therapeutic model, we have blended it with a transpersonal philosophy. Our spiritual framework is loosely based on the philosophy of A Course in Miracles. We take a very grounded, practical approach to the application of some of the main underlying principles.

We pride ourselves in taking a therapeutically responsible and professional approach to the delivery of our programs. Clearmind International Institute Inc. (#3151) is designated by the Private Training Institutions Branch and has an Education Quality Assurance designation for Advanced Educational institutions with the provincial government. In Canada, our facilitators are educated and registered with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC), the Association of Cooperative Counselling Therapists (ACCT), or the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (CPCA). International Facilitators are similarly educated and trained in their respective jurisdictions. Workshop assistants, who work under the direction of facilitators, receive in house training in responsible, ethical delivery of service. We adhere to our own Code of Ethics, as well as those of our associations.