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Practitioners Training (PRAC)
Program Overview

Available in Live Classroom in Vancouver
and Online Worldwide

Designed for Professional Counselling Training
and Personal Development

Practitioners Training (PRAC): An eight-month personal development course for increasing self awareness, identifying your life's purpose, and building communication and leadership skills.

Be a transformational agent, in your own life and in the lives of others. Positive, transformational change isn't just an inner process, it is a relationship process. We learn who we are in the context of our connection to others, and we can evolve powerfully through those connections with the right awareness and skill. PRAC is an experiential learning program that teaches the awareness and skill required to transform your own life and help others to do the same.

This Transpersonal Counsellor Training program is suitable for, but not limited to, an individual and/or group counselling career. Students choosing to take the full program, for the purpose of beginning their counselling career, qualify to apply for registration with the Canadian Professional Counsellor's Association as 'Registered Professional Counsellors' and will receive a Diploma in 'Transpersonal Counselling Psychology'. Professionals already working in the field may benefit from our program's 'physician heal thyself' approach, and from learning a cohesive, powerful transpersonal model.

This program includes a practicum offered in-house, making Clearmind's PRAC program the best value for money in the counselling training industry. We have a sustained track record of 85% of our diploma graduates becoming Registered Professional Counsellors and working in the helping professions.

PRAC can also be taken as a personal development course, or more accurately a course in personal evolution, for anyone interested in experiencing a greater sense of self awareness, purpose, as well as foster positive communication and leadership skills. Students in this stream of the program are immersed in the same experience as counsellor training students, but do not write exams. The qualities and skills that make effective, responsible counsellors are the same qualities that make effective, responsible human beings. You may register for one, two or all 3 years of the program if taking it for personal growth.

Learning Outcomes

Once you have completed all three years of our Practitioners Training program, you will have achieved or be able to do the following:


  1. Adopt a clear set of personally defined guiding values, including a personal position of what it means to be helpful to others (professionally or otherwise)
  2. Have concretely increased your own level of life satisfaction and happiness, as measured through an ongoing process of goal setting and self-evaluation
  3. Assume a position of responsibility and commitment to a personally defined life purpose/direction


  1. Describe the process of human development from a transpersonal / systemic perspective (as it pertains to self and others)
  2. Describe the process of positive (systemically evolutionary) change
  3. Analyse human dilemmas (including your own) from a multigenerational systemic context
  4. Identify clear steps to address those dilemmas

Practical/ Professional Skills

  1. Demonstrate effective empathetic, transparent, responsible and connective communication skills with individuals and groups
  2. Apply effective therapeutic interventions with individuals and groups
  3. Act in accordance with the ethical and procedural boundaries of the counselling profession
  4. Demonstrate emotional awareness including tolerance of emotional discomfort, such that reactive behaviour is minimized and proactive behaviour is maximized

History and Overview

Established in 1992, the intention of the PRAC Program was to create a counsellor training program that would accomplish the following goals:

  1. To have the students experience the emotional territory that they would have their future clients experience in the course of therapy.
  2. To include, as well as move beyond, mainstream psychology, adding spiritual and metaphysical perspectives to fully understand the dimensions of the human condition.

Clearmind International is founded on the principle that the Universe is a friendly place and that behind, beyond or beneath all behaviour lies positive intention. Therefore, whether the student is embarking on a genealogical study of their family of origin, exploring relationship dynamics, or coming to grips with their own inner world, the purpose is the same: to discover the friendliness that exists and address the psychological defence system that prevents us from experiencing this positive, open, loving state.

Propelled by the principles of A Course in Miracles and incorporating the methodology of leading experiential therapies into our own unique approach, the student not only develops a thorough understanding of the complexity and intrigue of human dynamics, but comes face to face with his/her own. PRAC thus has become not only an academic adventure but an adventure of Mind, Body and Soul as well.

Initially the student begins the program following the curriculum of the course. The program adjusts itself as students become aware of their own personal curriculum that emerges within the course. The instructors then reposition themselves supporting the student in taking responsibility for the student's own unique personal curriculum as well as leading them in the collective curriculum. This may be the most unique feature of this training: a full immersion in the experience of what is being taught, rather than just a cognitive delivery.

This counsellor training program offers not only a comprehensive theoretical study of the understanding and mapping of the landscape of human dynamics, but also a rich, exciting, intense, yet playful, journey into the discovery of the tapestry of the authentic self.

PRAC is designed to build on the foundation of the previous year, moving from a focus on self in year 1, to relationship in year 2, to leadership in year 3. The skills and theory taught are psychological and spiritual in nature, and can assist the student to function better personally and professionally (through improved interpersonal relationship and leadership skills). Our signature Transpersonal Systems Theory emphasizes embracing your personal mythology and finding a sense of your unique place in the universe. Students are free to choose to take only 1 year, 2 years, or the complete 3 year program (3 years is required for ACCT or CPCA applicants). Students may also choose to take a break between years. A significant aim of the program is to assist the student to meet their own personal and professional goals. Join us and become a Practicing Revolutionary Agent of Change, as a PRAC student!

Potential Employment Places:

  • Private Practice
  • Drug and Alcohol Rehab/Detox Units
  • Halfway homes
  • Corporate Wellness Centres
  • Wellness Centres
  • Counselling Centres
  • Summer Camps
  • Youth Detention Centres
  • Family & Social Services Programs
  • See counselling jobs listed on CareerJet

What PRAC Students Have to Say

Visit our testimonials page to see what students have to say about the experience of taking PRAC.

PRAC Level I

PRAC Level I (also referred to as “PRAC 1”) begins a life-changing personal journey and experiential immersion in our counselling theory. In this first year, we focus on your life as the curriculum, learning and applying our model to self before applying it to others. Utilizing family systems, experiential and humanistic therapies, we will explore those psychological, emotional and familial forces which govern our lives within a Transpersonal/spiritual context.

More information...


PRAC Level II (also referred to as “PRAC 2”) continues the evolutionary journey by shifting the focus to the interpersonal therapeutic dynamic, exploring self in connection with other. We discover what it means to be in authentic contact with another, and to be truly helpful; and through this process come to a greater awareness of who we are.

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In PRAC Level III (also referred to as “PRAC 3”) we enter the realm of leadership, continuing to evolve beyond ourselves to an awareness of our self defined purpose and place in the world/universe. Level III focuses on group dynamics, offering specific training in group therapy and leadership skills. Students benefit from professional supervision, allowing them to hone skills responsibly.

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Free Introduction Lecture on PRAC

Whether you've been formally trained or not, you are already a counsellor. What does this mean? How can you know if you are helping or hurting? How can you become more effective at helping? Duane and Catherine answered these questions, and more, at their lecture "Are You Helping or Hurting?" To learn more about the PRAC program you can view view the lecture online.

Dates and Costs

The 2016/2017 year of PRAC starts in the middle of October.

Campus classes start on the weekend of October 17 to 18, 2016.

See the Prac Online page for the start dates of the online program.

The cost for one year of PRAC is $4,965.

Our industry-leading payment plan is spread out over one year making the PRAC program affordable and accessible.

We are now accepting applications for the 2016/2017 year.

Please ensure you read through the school policy package prior to completing and sending your Application.

There are some options for financing PRAC if you are pursuing your counselling training certification. There is Canadian federal government education relief and the Canadian government's Lifelong Learning Plan, which allows you to withdraw repayable amounts from RRSPs to finance training or education. Or, ask your lender about personal educational loans.

Apply Now!

Practicioners Training is registered (#3151) and accredited in British Columbia (Canada) with the Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA).


Want to Talk to Someone about PRAC?



Websites are great for looking up information. But sometimes you want to talk with a real person. If you've got questions about PRAC or just want to get a feel for the Clearmind experience, drop an email or make a call to Olivia and Nasreen, in Client Services. Their shared contact information is below.

Phone: (604) 513-9001

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